A Red Drum Food Truck

Beer and Wine Available | Full Bar on Saturdays | Patio Seating Available


Currently Located

803 Coleman Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464


Tuesday – Saturday | 11am-4pm


This is a story that starts in Texas, goes up the Mississippi River to Illinois. There you would have found our owners and what they have now brought to our community through the love of beef. It’s the story of Cattle born and bred in Texas making their way to Illinois to become some of the best quality meats in the United States. It’s the history of All American Steak Burgers and All beef Vienna Sausage.

It’s a milkshake after school, that burger and fries on your way home from the beach, those times you run into your friends and join tables. It’s simple really- It’s the break you take for good times spent with the people you enjoy, over All-American food. It’s a throw-back to simpler times. The ease and comfort that we all know and love in those retro diners- but now on wheels.

Sister Company of Red Drum Restaurant

Welcome to another of Ben Berryhill’s and Charles Chance’s great eating experiences. Whether you’re enjoying a Smashed Steak Burger with Rocket Sauce or a Bowl of Texas Chili your belly will be glad you came to Rocket Burger. It’s Outta This World!